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LASIK is the most popular laser refractive procedure in the world and is the preferred procedure for patients interested in reducing their dependency on contact lenses and glasses.


Commonwealth Eye Surgery offers both standard and advanced technology implants. New Technology lenses are an investment in your vision which pays “dividends” the rest of your life.

Laser Cataract Surgery

The Catalys femtosecond laser creates incisions, corrects astigmatism, precisely opens the cataract, and softens the center of the cataract before the surgery actually begins.


Glaucoma is a term for many conditions that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve resulting in loss of vision. Usually, the eye pressure is elevated, causing optic nerve damage.

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Rave Reviews

  • My stepmother had LASIK here after cataract surgery and I can say she had top notch care. Apparently she had some really challenging conditions with her eye and she was lucky that Dr. Ferguson was her surgeon. He is the go to surgeon for LASIK in Central Kentucky, just ask around.  I have friends and friends family members who all said they wouldn't go anywhere else!
    Jen L.
  • I did a lot of research before I chose a place to have Lasik surgery done and through that research decided on Commonwealth Eye Surgery. I had the surgery a little over a week ago but chose to have my post-op appointments at my local eye doctor, since I live over an hour south of Lexington. Today at my one week post-op appointment I am seeing at 20/15 and my doctor said he could barely see the flap scars and was very complimentary of the surgeon who did my surgery, which was Dr. Ferguson. I am very pleased with the overall experience I had at Commonwealth Eye Surgery. They are very thorough with every step of the process and the doctors and nurses I came into contact with are very professional and kind. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend Commonwealth Eye Surgery to my family and friends!
    Brandise G.
  • Wonderful experience and couldn't be happier with the results. If you're thinking about getting Lasik, get it while you're young! The staff are kind and compassionate, and Dr. Ferguson is great at his craft. Best money I've ever spent.
    Sara S.
  • If you want the best in the area, this is where you should go. Commonwealth really is "The Doctor's Choice."
    Michael N.
  • I have had an amazing experience with Commonwealth Eye Surgery. They were the second consultation I had for LASIK and after I left my appointment I knew that I had to schedule my procedure at their facility. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Even though my vision provider did not consider them an approved provider, they still honored my discount which was a huge bonus. I would recommend them to anyone!
    Lauren J.
  • Thanks so much to Dr. Ferguson and the entire staff at Commonwealth Eye Surgery for making my entire LASIK experience so easy and comfortable!! I am so happy with my new vision and would recommend their expertise and hospitality to anyone!!
    Taylor S.
  • Everyone at Commonwealth Eye Surgery has been super friendly. Jenny is really knowledgeable about LASIK and has been a great resource. The entire office is very organized and efficient. Dr. Wortz was voted one the top doctors in America under 40. I highly recommend this practice!
    Dylan K.
  • The overall experience Exceeded my expectations! Eye surgery can be terrifying but the staff and doctors made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, from my cataract evaluation to surgery. Even my postoperative care was a breeze. I was referred by Dr.Marshall and a dear friend of mine who had an elective procedure with the office. I would recommend Commonwealth Eye Surgery as the place to go for cataract surgery!
    Debra B.
  • Commonwealth Eye Surgery stood out. My entire experience was positive and easy. Their facility was clean, their staff and doctors were experienced. They answered all my questions. The morning after I was 20/15! Here I am a month later giving rave reviews. I would highly recommend CES to anyone considering this procedure.
    Randall D.
  • As a physician, I know what good health care is and that is what I received at CES. I was pleased with the preoperative evaluation, education, scheduling, post op follow up and more importantly with the results. Dr. Findley and Dr. Wortz provided outstanding care. The refractive cataract surgery was simple life changing. I would highly recommend this team to anyone.
    Andrew C.
  • Dr. Ferguson is one of the most respected doctors in his field, and we are truly lucky to have someone of his caliber here in Lexington. Dr. Smith on his staff was equally great to work with, guiding me through the process of Lasik surgery. I went to Commonwealth Eye Surgery over 6 months ago and wish I would have went years ago to have the procedure done. I've lived life having to wear glasses since middle school, and now at 37 I have perfect 20/20 vision. The surgery was painless and quick and the support since then has been unbelievable. If you're consider Lasik surgery, Commonwealth Eye Surgery is the best in town.
    Jason H.
  • I've had an excellent experience here. After 30 years of corrective lenses I now have 20/15 vision. I still get to wear reading glasses thanks to age but the surgery was well worth the investment. Thanks so much to the staff and doctors for everything.
    S. West

Frequently Asked Questions

Developed by Silicon Valley-based OptiMedica Corp., CATALYS is a new FDA market-cleared medical device that features a state-of-the-art laser, advanced 3D imaging, and many other innovative features that can bring numerous benefits to Commonwealth Eye Surgery patients.
No, one eye is typically done at a time per the written policy of our ambulatory surgery center and the prevailing medical standard of care.
The ideal LASIK candidate is 18 years of age or older, requires a range of correction within normal limits of technology, has had a consistent prescription for 2 years, has a history of good eye health and is mature enough to consider both the potential risks and benefits associated with having LASIK eye surgery.
Most patients report a feeling of pressure during parts of the surgery much like if you take your fingers and press firmly against your eyes when closed. Following surgery, it’s normal for your eyes to burn or feel “scratchy”, but this discomfort normally dissipates after the first few hours.

Yes, we offer financing through Care Credit. Care Credit offers many plans, including INTEREST FREE for up to 24 months. If you are interested in financing or if you have questions, our LASIK Coordinator will be happy to walk you through that process.

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