Why Choose Us?

In three words… INTEGRITY, ACCURACY and SAFETY. Dr. Lance S. Ferguson and Dr. Gary Wörtz are both Board Certified surgeons, that have performed tens of thousands of ophthalmic procedures. Dr. Lance S. Ferguson is Board Certified in LASIK by the American Board of Eye Surgery. To achieve this advanced certification in the subspecialty of refractive surgery (LASIK), Dr. Ferguson submitted a detailed record of 50 consecutive LASIK surgical procedures to a review board for their analysis. In addition, Dr. Ferguson’s surgical skills were further evaluated by an on-site observer who monitored and videotaped 5 consecutive surgical cases. These tapes were then forwarded to a panel of surgical examiners for further evaluation. The successful completion of this rigorous evaluation process makes Dr. Ferguson one of a select few surgeons to hold this certification in Kentucky.
Dr. Wörtz was also named “Top 40 Ophthalmologists under 40” from the British trade journal, The Ophthalmologist.
Our technology is unsurpassed. The Bausch & Lomb Technolas® 217z is simply the finest laser for LASIK on the market. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study demonstrates the superiority of the Technolas® 217z100 over other laser platforms. In addition, the Technolas® 217z100 is tracker equipped and has the platform for Zyoptix, which is a new wavefront customized guided technology that allows us to measure the unique refractive patterns of each eye and create a custom treatment program for both LASIK and PRK.

In addition, the introduction of our new Ziemer FEMTO LDV Femtosecond Laser allows us to stay on the leading edge of technology by now offering “all laser” LASIK procedures. “All laser” LASIK procedures provide a possible solution for people who have always wanted LASIK but have put it off because of fear, as well as, for people who have been told that they are not good LASIK candidates because their corneas are too thin.

Commonwealth Eye Surgery can also provide you with actual data based on the surgical outcomes from our own patients. These are not statements crafted by marketing experts, but simply the facts based on our own historical surgical data. Our “real world” data is accurate and verifiable for LASIK, PRK, and cataract procedures. All surgical results are integrated into databases affording continual refinement of our nomograms, or statistical regression analysis, which translates to superior results for our patients.

In addition, we have developed a LASIK Support Group consisting of our patients who have undergone the procedure and are willing to discuss their experience with you from a patient’s perspective. They are not employees and receive no remuneration for their kind, voluntary efforts to educate patients and dispel unnecessary concerns.

Finally, our doctors and staff will give you individual attention allowing you more confidence in your decision. But ultimately, our commitment to surgical excellence is the key to the successful restoration of your vision.