The Catalys and Technolas lasers provide the ultimate accuracy for those who elect this option.

Bioptics: Bioptics is becoming a popular procedure for those who desire the greatest accuracy in uncorrected visual acuity.  Bioptics is a combination of procedures—a RL/Cataract Surgery and subsequent LASIK/PRK—where your RL/Cataract procedure is fine-tuned with the Technolas 217A Excimer Laser. The “fine tuning” is performed only if necessary and only after your RL/Cataract surgery has had time to heal, which his typically 3-6 weeks.

Bioptics is not indicated for everyone who has a RL/Cataract surgery, but remains an option for those who wish to optimize their uncorrected visual potential.

Commonwealth Eye Surgery pioneered Bioptics in Kentucky after FDA approval of the excimer laser in 1997.