After Refractive Cataract Surgery

Relax: The RELACS program has you covered!

Measure twice, cut once: As a center that specializes in the latest technology in cataract and refractive surgery we will make sure your eyes are precisely measured with a multitude of technologies. Some of these devices measure the curvature of the cornea to assess for astigmatism, others measure the size and shape of various structures of the eye, while others measure the cell density of corneal endothelium or nerve fiber layer of the optic nerve. Many of these technologies are redundant, providing independent confirmation and internal cross-checking for accuracy. Additionally we will make sure the data obtained is correlated with the findings on the exam as well as the clinical symptoms.

By investing in these additional technologies, and through years of experience gaining clinical expertise, we offer surgical options for correction of vision with tremendous confidence in our ability to deliver on the outcomes. However, despite having the best data going into surgery, from time to time patients still experience blurry vision after surgery due to the unique variability in every individual eye and every person’s healing response. These results can be very frustrating to patients unless there is a reliable way to fine-tune the vision afterwards.

Fortunately our practice has the exact technology required to make vision enhancement possible, and we call it the RELACS (Refractive Excimer Laser After Cataract Surgery) program. Both Drs. Ferguson and Wortz specialize in this bladeless excimer laser vision correction technique (similar to LASIK), and when necessary our refractive cataract surgery patients will receive this additional enhancement procedure at no additional cost.  Our doctors are committed to quality outcomes and will do everything medically appropriate to help each refractive cataract surgery patient achieve their desired goals. So if you are the rare patient that does not meet your desired goals, RELACS…we’ve got you covered.