1 Day Post Lasik Surgery
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March 8, 2011
2 Days Post Lasik Surgery
March 9, 2011

1 Day Post Lasik Surgery

This is a blog post made by one of our LASIK customers. Stephanie gave us a walk-through write-up of her LASIK experience at Commonwealth Eye Surgery and we wanted to share her experience with you….

I just had my one-day post-operative appointment with Dr. Findley. He looked at my eyes to make sure the flap was healing and that everything looked healthy. I was relieved to hear that everything looked great. And then came the exciting part! We did yet another eye exam to determine how well I could see… the results astounded me. I knew as soon as I woke up this morning that I could see well, I just didn’t know how well! I am happy to report 20/20 vision in my left eye, and 20/15 vision in my right eye! That is even better than perfect vision, and better than I was seeing with my contacts before surgery! To put things in perspective, my uncorrected vision before surgery was 20/600 left eye and 20/500 right eye (each of my eyes are different). That is such a major improvement!

I am using several different kinds of eye drops to help minimize the risk of infection and also to lubricate my eyes. I must say that my eyes don’t feel dry, but I will keep up with the drops as the doctor ordered.

In future blog posts, I will describe the actual steps taken during the surgery and keep everyone updated with my progress!

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