4 Days Post Lasik Surgery
Nearsightedness Becoming More Common
March 10, 2011
5 Days Post Lasik Surgery
March 11, 2011

4 Days Post Lasik Surgery

This is a blog post made by one of our LASIK customers. Stephanie gave us a walk-through write-up of her LASIK experience at Commonwealth Eye Surgery and we wanted to share her experience with you….

The clear vision I have after LASIK is still new to me, and I love it! When I think about this surgery, words like “miraculous” and “unbelievable” pop into mind. It is truly amazing that a 20-minute (not to mention easy and painless) procedure can change my life this dramatically. Since my 1-day post-operative evaluation a few days ago, I feel that my vision has become even clearer. Maybe I am just getting used to my “new” eyes! Dr. Findley estimated that I would have this vision for the next 20 years until I possibly develop some farsightedness, something that happens to most 40-year olds. I can’t believe I will be able to live life for 20 more years without worrying about contacts or glasses.

Many people are turned away from LASIK after they find out how much it costs. To all of those people, please think about this!!! Sure the surgery is an investment, but you will be able to eliminate contacts, glasses, eye drops, contact solution, and glasses cleaner (the list goes on and on) from your yearly budget. The money you save on these items will eventually add up to equal the cost of the surgery. AND! Imagine a life without contacts or glasses. That is truly priceless.

At Commonwealth Eye Surgery, we have the option to finance the surgery through Chase Health Advance. This is for those who understand the worthwhile investment of LASIK surgery, but do not have the ability to pay at one time. Financing LASIK allows our patients to pay on a monthly basis with zero interest for 18 months, so that paying in full can be more feasible. Many of our LASIK patients choose this payment option and we are happy to work with you to assure that you will be able to afford this life-changing procedure.

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