March 26, 2012
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March 27, 2012

By far, the primary reason I chose Dr. Ferguson was because a co-worker’s wife, Dr. Callihan of Family Eyecare Associates (Versailles), is an optometrist and recommended him based on her experience with post-op patients of his.  In addition, after choosing Commonwealth Eyes, I saw Dr. Randall Lambirth II, and he also recommended Dr. Ferguson highly. Finally, a friend of mine mentioned to her optometrist in Columbus, OH that I was going to see Dr. Ferguson, and that doctor had heard of Dr. Ferguson and knew him to be a renowned surgeon. Based on these glowing reviews from professionals in the field, as well as my own excellent experience, I now don’t hesitate at all to highly recommend Dr. Ferguson.

The second most important factor was probably the technology. I spoke with Danielle prior to choosing Commonwealth Eye Surgery and she told me about the equipment, and the fact that you monitor the environmental conditions (I forget the terms you used), which is a detail commonly overlooked by other practitioners. I know the equipment can be just as important as the doctor’s skill, and it sounded like you guys have up-to-date equipment.

Thirdly, I looked at cost. I knew better than to look into the ads for $400 eye surgery, for all the known reasons. I saw that Commonwealth, after being given the 15% discount (even though my insurance didn’t cover surgery from your practice) was fairly competitive with the other locations I was considering. Cost was third in importance because I considered the fact that this was a life-long lasting operation, and upfront cost wasn’t so significant in that perspective. Also, peace of mind knowing you’re going to a skilled surgeon is worth a small premium. However, had the cost been exuberant, I would have gone elsewhere, because I only trust someone to perform this operation on the knowledge that it is so prolific, and I could see a number of capable surgeons.

Fourth was my experience on the phone with Danielle. She was pleasant, professional, and informed. I asked several technical questions about the equipment, which I thought was likely unusual, yet she had the answers off the top of her head. Knowing the staff is knowledgeable and skilled gave me confidence that the doctor would be also. This would rank higher on my list of reasons for choosing Commonwealth, except that I would expect this of any place that is going to perform surgery on me (it’s an absolute must), and most other offices would exhibit this characteristic so it isn’t really a differentiating factor.

I hope you appreciate the thorough response; perhaps it was a bit too lengthy, but I really had an excellent experience with my operation and figured answering this was a simple way to say thanks, if it helps. Dr. Lambirth, who did my post-ops, seemed really impressed with the results. He said that he’s never seen eyes heal so quickly and well. I now have 20/15 vision and no complaints whatsoever.