5 Things you Shouldn’t Buy from a Discount Site
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August 24, 2016
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5 Things you Shouldn’t Buy from a Discount Site

5 things not to buy from a discount site

We all love a great deal, but where do we draw the line?  Zumba class, Chinese food… cosmetic surgery? Take a look at these 5 things you might want to think twice about before buying from an online discount site.


Most of us are going to need our teeth for the 75 years or more, so putting them in the hands of the discount dentist doesn’t seem like best option. X-rays, exams, even teeth whitening can cause long-term risks and discomfort if not preformed correctly. Next time you see 50% off for a dentist, it might be worth considering the outcome.

LASIK Surgery

Glasses and contacts can be struggling, especially if you a lead a really active lifestyle. Don’t get discouraged! LASIK is a great option for those wanting to free themselves of this burden. But considering the risks… and the fact that your eyes aren’t really a commodity good, it’s best to look for the best LASIK surgeon… not the cheapest. When an eye clinic offers a 50% discount through one of these sites online, they are getting only 25% of their regular fee. Do your research, call around, and make an informed decision on who you trust and feel comfortable with. Although it’s a relatively simple surgery, it’s still surgery… on your eyes.

Cosmetic Surgery

As with LASIK, don’t risk your health by trying to save on cosmetic surgery. Whether it’s a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or face lift, getting plastic surgery is a reasonably permanent and highly visible body modification. Don’t run the risk of a botched job, where even one or two additional procedures, and thousands of dollars can’t fix.


For many of us, our tattoo might be something we wish we could forget, but buying a tattoo should be something that requires a great deal of planning. Since a tattoo artist’s business solely relies on the amount of work they can perform, great tattooists generally are booked up. I.E. don’t need to discount their prices to get work. And why would you want to trust your permanent body art to anyone who isn’t great?


If your skydiving trip is 50% off, what does that mean for your parachute? Ouch.