All YOU Want for Christmas is Free LASIK Giveaway
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October 17, 2012
The FREE LASIK Giveaway – the details
November 7, 2012

All YOU Want for Christmas is Free LASIK Giveaway

It’s that time of year, when Commonwealth Eye Surgery gives away the chance for one very good (and lucky) girl or boy, (no mistakes here, definitely adult 🙂  ) can enter for a chance to win FREE LASIK from Commonwealth Eyes and Dr. Lance Ferguson.

We are so happy to be able to offer this year after year to our prospective patients.  We know that once you’re able to see, with your own eyes, this surgery really is life changing.  The quality of your life is improved so much that patients, to this day, and years later, write to tell us how glad they are they made the decision to finally get LASIK from Commonwealth Eyes.

Win FREE LASIK from Commonwealth Eyes!

There are a few rules and regulations, so please read about them on the contest page.  You will need to be a candidate for LASIK to be eligible to win.  Nominate yourself or someone close to you.  It’s the giving season and Commonwealth Eyes wants to give 20/20 vision to someone who really needs it this Holiday Season!

Just another reason why Commonwealth Eyes has been the number one choice for so many Central and Eastern Kentuckians for their eye surgery.