Commonwealth Eye Surgery “Goes Green”
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September 9, 2011
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September 19, 2011

Commonwealth Eye Surgery “Goes Green”

Commonwealth Eye Surgery Tony Deakle Recycling

CES Tony Deakle Recycling

Commonwealth Eye Surgicenter has gone green!  Health Care facilities across the country generate an excessive amount of waste.  This has been increasingly apparent to Commonwealth’s own, Tony Deakle.  Tony has been with Commonwealth since 2001.   As the Facilities Service Coordinator, his responsibilities range from helping sterilize the facility to transporting patients outside to their car after surgery.  Tony always has a friendly hello for his co-workers as well as each and every patient.  His care of patients extends to caring for the earth!  “Tony had suggested recycling options for the large amount of paper and cardboard we generate in our day to day business in the ASC for some time,” says Jenny Lackey, Practice Administrator at Commonwealth Eye Surgery.  “We worked with Bluegrass Pride and discovered we could keep more than 100 pounds of waste out of the landfills every month with just a few minor changes.  Tony was our biggest champion of this effort, although his workflow was impacted more than any other employee.  “I noticed that the dumpsters were always full of boxes because we go through so many supplies on a daily basis”, states Tony.  “We need to do this, I’ve never seen so much waste.” Commonwealth Eye Surgery thanks Tony and all of the CES employees that are committed to keeping recyclables out of our landfills!