Day of Lasik Surgery
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March 4, 2011
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March 8, 2011

Day of Lasik Surgery

This is a blog post made by one of our LASIK customers. Stephanie gave us a walk-through write-up of her LASIK experience at Commonwealth Eye Surgery and we wanted to share her experience with you….

I will be having LASIK in 2 hours!! I’m very excited and ready to get this process started. My only real worry is concerning the “spreader” that will be used to hold my eyes open and prevent me from blinking. I’m sure it will not be quite so scary, but I will definitely report back on this one.

I know I am in good hands today! Dr. Ferguson has been doing LASIK surgery for many years and is well-versed in the latest laser technology. He lives and breathes this stuff, so I completely trust him. He is very confident that this procedure will go well!
I also have the advantage of working at Commonwealth Eye Surgery. Having talked to many LASIK patients right after surgery and months following the procedure, I have the impression that this is a pretty easy thing to go through! Most patients remarked that they have little to no pain during the procedure, and only felt some pressure on their eyes as the flaps were being cut. Watching others go through this procedure puts me at ease… if everyone else can be calm during surgery, surely I will be able to keep my cool!

It is suggested that I keep my eyes closed as much as possible after surgery today, so I will give an update tomorrow after my 1-day post-operative appointment! I can’t wait to see clearly!

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