Delena Wilson – winner of 2012 Heroes for Lasik!
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June 13, 2012
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June 25, 2012

Delena Wilson – winner of 2012 Heroes for Lasik!

Congratulations to Delena Wilson, the 2021 winner of Heroes for Lasik!  Delena was one of hundreds of entrants and one of three carefully selected finalists, who ultimately became the best candidate for the FREE LASIK procedure at Commonwealth Eye Surgery.

So many people entered and there are so many local heroes that we need to thank, but we can only award one winner.  Below you can read the essay submitted by Delena’s mother, who wrote in for the contest on Delena’s behalf.

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was immensely successful and we look forward to reporting to everyone the progress and success of Delena’s surgery with Dr. Lance Ferguson.  Free Lasik in Lexington, awarded t our local heroes, could only be from Commonwealth Eye Surgery!  People WIN in so many ways when they choose Commonwealth Eyes!

“I nominated my daughter, Delena Wilson, as my hero for several reasons! To start, she really needs this surgery, she’s been in eye glasses/contacts since 3rd grade!! Her husband passed away last year and his death turned all our lives upside-down. She has a 4 year old son,Jaiden who misses his daddy very much. She has had to put her grief aside in order to comfort him!

Delena Wilson

She is such a humble person and is always thinking of others. When she found out she was a finalist for this surgery, she said that no matter who won, that it was wonderful of Commonwealth Eye Surgery to offer this and that someone who really needed the opportunity to see better would get it!! I have never won anything in my life like this and to win it for my daughter is a miracle from God!! I give Him all the glory!! And all my thanks to Him and Commonwealth Eye Surgery!! In His name!!”

-Essay submitted by Phyllis Hall for Delena Wilson