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Have you been diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy, Keratoconus, Lupus or Rheumatorid Arthritis?

What is the most important factor in choosing your LASIK surgeon?

What is your main purpose for having LASIK?


Celebrating over 30 years of eye care excellence, Commonwealth Eye Surgery surgeons are board certified ophthalmic specialists and have performed over 90,000 successful ophthalmic procedures.


As Kentucky’s first and finest optometric co-management center, we are committed to providing a seamless and convenient integration of your eye care. With this team approach, Commonwealth Eye Surgery has become the practice most recommended by other medical and eye care experts for their patients, families and even their own.


While we offer the convenience in having your optometrist deliver your primary eye care, Commonwealth Eye Surgery is proud to offer a variety of surgical procedures to help you see life more clearly.

“Dr. Gary Wortz performed my LASIK surgery to correct my -4.25 vision with astigmatism and he did an AMAZING job. Now at 20/20, my optometrist says it is the best LASIK surgery he has ever seen! And the courtesy of the Commonwealth staff was also top notch. They really made me feel comfortable about the whole thing and made me aware of every detail. I couldn't be happier. No more contacts for me!”

Lance Fannin

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