Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations for Lasik Procedures and Optometrists
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January 30, 2012
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February 17, 2012

Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations for Lasik Procedures and Optometrists

Recently, we posted on our Facebook page, (click here to check it out) and asked how you conduct personal research, when looking for reviews on healthcare professionals and namely, Lasik and eye surgery procedures.  There are a lot of great sites out there that offer independent and consumer tested reviews and Commonwealth Eye Surgery is proud to be represented, on what we consider, a 5 star standard, on sites most used by consumers for their reviews.  We always say that our patients still say it best (see a few for yourself, here) and you can read or watch the many recommendations and testimonials that our patients leave for anyone looking for a similar, great experience in eye surgery.  However, we want to provide you with a complete list of sites and links so that you can check out the reviews on Commonwealth Eye Surgery along with Dr. Ferguson, and search recommended surgical centers for Lasik and Optometrists, for yourself.

Commonwealth Eye Surgery has always been highly recommended via word of mouth, family, and friends and by local community reputation for years.  Dr. Ferguson has performed over 60,000 successful ophthalmic eye surgeries, including Lasik, and serves on the Boards of both the American Board of Eye Surgery and the American College of Eye Surgeons.  He is the past President, however remains still on the board, of the American College of Eye Surgeons and serves on the Board of the Wilderness Medicine Society.  Along with the expert staff and support physicians at Commonwealth Eye Surgery, you can see why excellence is THE level of experience we seek and achieve with all our patients.

  1.  Healthgrades:  http://www.healthgrades.com Check out Dr. Ferguson HERE.
  2. Avvo:  http://www.avvo.com Check out Dr. Ferguson on Avvo, HERE.

    Dr. Ferguson and Commonwealth Eye Surgery “Superb” rating! Courtesy: Avvo.com

  3. Facebook:  (Like us on Facebook so you can always stay in touch with COMMONWEALTH EYE SURGERY!) http://www.facebook.com/lasiklex.com  Scroll down so you can read for yourself, some of our great reviews on our Facebook page!
  4. Google Places: for  Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  5. Bing:  for Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  6. Yahoo:  for Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  7. Yellow Pages:  for Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  8. Yelp:  for Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  9. Vitals: http://www.vitals.com Check out Dr. Ferguson, HERE.
  10. Lifescript:  http://www.lifescript.com Check out Dr. Ferguson, HERE.
  11. RateMds: http://www.ratemds.com Check out Dr. Ferguson, HERE.
  12. UcompareHealthCare: http://ucomparehealthcare.com Check out Dr. Ferguson, HERE.

Here’s just a small sample of some of our fabulous reviews on Facebook:

  • Sharon: “Great Team!”
  • Asaad: “I am going to have my lasik eye surgery tomorrow. I saw the dvd that they sent me and I recommend Common Eye surgery for anyone willing to have a surgery.”  Click here to request YOUR FREE DVD.
  • Stephen: “I had LASIK performed by DR Ferguson a little over 11 hours ago, and could not be any more happy about it. … The financing was easy, and 23 interest free monthly payments is an extremely low price….. Anyone interested in better vision should not hesitate to contact Commonwealth Eye Surgery. Feel free to send me a personal message, and I will go into detail on just how awesome the staff treated me.”
  • Stephanie: “Life changing experience at Commonwealth Eye Surgery!! ALL Staff were AMAZING & made me feel at ease the entire time during my procedure…..   Love my new eyes!!!”

You will find that, although the word of mouth method has somewhat advanced over the years, (new online interactive media enhances our interactions with people), our reputation at COMMONWEALTH EYE SURGERY has remained steadfast.  We encourage you to seek out reviews on many sites,  and you can even leave your personal recommendations, named or anonymous testimonials, on many and all of the sites mentioned above and of course, on our website .

For more information on our eye surgery experts and Dr. Ferguson including the staff at Commonwealth Eye Surgery, click here.  To request a FREE DVD on our eye surgeries and Lasik procedures, click here.

We can’t wait for you to come SEE us, so you can SEE a NEW you!