Summer’s almost over, but we are heating up at Commonwealth Eyes!
Technological Advancement for Cataract Surgery.
July 6, 2012
Choose the Doctor so many patients recommend
August 7, 2012

Summer’s almost over, but we are heating up at Commonwealth Eyes!

If you are friends with us on Facebook, you’ve been seeing some great announcements about our new Laser Catalys Machine.  A first for Central Kentucky, and Commonwealth eyes is only one of a handful of facilities across the U.S. to have one of these revolutionary machines for precise cataract surgery.  You’ve also probably been able to follow the story of Delena, our recent Heroes for LASIK 2012 winner, who was nominated by her mother and ultimately chosen at the best candidate to receive FREE LASIK from Dr. Ferguson and our staff.

Delena has 20/15 vision now, and is living life to the fullest, enjoying her new vision and seeing everything clearly, for the first time, with her own eyes.  Commonwealth Eyes is proud to offer programs that reward Central Kentucky with the chance to win free LASIK, and even though you might not WIN free LASIK, when patients choose Commonwealth Eyes for their LASIK or Cataract surgery, they win, they become winners, because you are choosing a facility that is most recommended by optometrists, most referred and highly recommended by previous patients.

Are you doing your research on facilities when choosing someone to perform your LASIK surgery?  Are you seeing all these advancements Dr. Ferguson and the staff at Commonwealth Eyes are making to improve our patient’s experience?  We want everyone who chooses Commonwealth Eyes for LASIK in Lexington, to feel like winners with their decision and their new vision!

Summer may be almost over and we are thinking about school, but stay tuned to Commonwealth Eyes, things are heating up!  So many announcements we are proud of and want you to know about!