Ten Things Tuesday – Ten advantages to getting LASIK or PRK
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August 27, 2012
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September 14, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday – Ten advantages to getting LASIK or PRK

Choosing the LASIK facility and Doctor in Lexington, that so many Doctors recommend has got to be the number one advantage of getting LASIK or PRK with Commonwealth Eye Surgery and Dr. Lance Ferguson.  However, we’re going to give you ten simple reasons that might just give you that last little “oomph” you’ve needed to call us, schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for LASIK.

10) Getting up in the middle of the night and having to fumble to find your glasses.

9)  Not having to worry about allergies and contacts irritating your eyes.

8) Looking forward to unwrapping those presents under the Christmas tree with the same excitement as your children as they see what Santa brought, with their own eyes!

7) The fine little details you’ll be able to notice with 20/20 vision (or better), like the pores on a petal.

6) Glasses can be cool, but it’s not something you’ll need to stress over if you lose a pair, or you find your prescription just isn’t cutting it anymore!

5) Dr. Lance Ferguson, is the doctor that most doctors recommend, when you are asking for reviews or recommendations from your optometrist.  So many eye doctors and facilities recommend Commonwealth Eye Surgery and Dr. Ferguson for LASIK in Lexington and Central Kentucky, so you should call us today to find out for yourself!

4) We offer so many options when it comes to payment, 0% financing for qualified applicants, no gimmicky offers, just primo service and a primo experience.

3) Commonwealth Eye Surgery maintains it’s reputation because we dedicate resources to staying on top of technological developments so that our patients receive the very best in their care and experience.

2) We have a FANTASTIC staff that can take care of your every need.  We have surgical and administrative staff that love what they do and love working at Commonwealth Eye Surgery, and are a part of the reason we continue to have such reputation.

1) LASIK or PRK, WILL improve your quality of life if you choose Commonwealth Eye Survey and Dr. Ferguson to perform your surgery.  You WILL have better vision and you WILL enjoying the hassle free lifestyle that seeing things with your own eyes, at all time affords.

See – that was easy!  Give us a call today and we’d LOVE to see you so you can SEE MORE of you!