Win with Commonwealth Eyes and your eyes!
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September 1, 2016
Heroes for Lasik winner – Delena Wilson
September 2, 2016

Win with Commonwealth Eyes and your eyes!

We consider a lot of our patients winners.  Not only actual winners of our contests, like free LASIK, but winners for choosing Commonwealth Eyes and winners, because they have fantastic new eyesight because of choosing us!  Coming in first place at anything, feels great, doesn’t it?

Having 20/20 vision after a visit to Dr. Ferguson and our staff would certainly place you in first place for improved eyesight after LASIK or PRK, or one of our other surgical eye procedures.  We like for our patients to win, by choosing their eye surgery and eye care needs to us, and we want to reward our patients with opportunities to feel like winners with things like contests and promotions and special offers and ways, like 0% financing to make it all a little bit easier to be a winner with Commonwealth Eyes.