Your Top 10+ Reasons To Have LASIK Surgery
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October 10, 2011
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October 15, 2011

Your Top 10+ Reasons To Have LASIK Surgery

Back in September we asked you, our fans, to give us your top reasons for having LASIK surgery.  Thank you so much for that valuable feedback, as these are the things that prospective patients love to hear.  So, we compiled the list and here are YOUR “Top 10+ Reasons to Have LASIK Surgery”:

1.  No more glasses and/or contacts.

2.  Immediate wonderful results without any pain.

3.  It gives you a reason to miss a day or two of work.

4.  It’s a great conversation starter because everyone wants to know all about it.

5.  Reading the clock first thing in the morning is still amazing to me.

6.  Not worrying about losing or tearing a contact on vacation (and not dragging all the cleaning supplies along too).

7.  Being able to see in the ocean/pool – places I wouldn’t want to wear my contacts.

8.  Who wants to wear glasses on the beach instead of sunglasses?! I’m sorry but Rx sunglasses just aren’t fashionable!

9.  The soreness that glasses can sometimes cause on your nose or behind your ears is gone!

10.  No spots when you are caught in the rain!

11. No wondering where to put your glasses when you put sunglasses on.

12.  No bent glasses when wrestling with your kids and the list goes on and on.

13.  Because running into the wall just isn’t sexy….

14.  No more glare off of your glasses in photographs.