Spring has Sprung, get Lasik in time for Summer.
March 20, 2012
March 26, 2012

I chose commonwealth for a couple of reasons. My vision was so strongly nearsighted and with astigmatism to boot that I knew from speaking to my brother (an ophthalmologist) that LASIK would likely not be an option. Because of that, I started my search specifically looking for someone who would perform the ICL surgery. Dr. Ferguson was actually the only one in the state that I found at that time. Also, he was recommended through a friend of a friend as someone to check out, and the location was very convenient as I was living in Lexington at the time. Things certainly fell into place nicely. The cost was not really a deciding factor for me because I know with my unique case I may need to pay a premium price to ensure a safe and positive outcome. ( I hate those commercials for LASIK,$500. I just shudder to think how terrible the follow up care is if they can make it that cheap! ) I was very pleased that commonwealth was a one-stop shop where I could receive all my follow up care. I have not selected an ophthalmologist locally and again with my unique situation, not just anyone will do. It was nice to go to someone with experience in follow up care for ICL procedures.


Overall I was extremely impressed with everyone at commonwealth. The employees are all cheerful, kind, helpful, willing to answer any questions, etc etc etc. I felt like a VIP every time I came there. I will and have already recommended commonwealth to anyone who is looking for a surgeon, and particularly those for whom LASIK may not be the best option.