Spring has Sprung, get Lasik in time for Summer.
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March 13, 2012
March 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung, get Lasik in time for Summer.

Summer is around the corner and that means swimsuit season, but don’t worry about getting swim suit ready, get swimming ready by scheduling your Lasik with Commonwealth Eye Surgery today!

Spring also means the onset of the annual outdoor allergies and irritants.  For people who are susceptible to allergies and also wear contacts, this time of year can be very uncomfortable, not to mention frustrating.  Allergies can lead to eye irritations, watering, and swelling, and “itchiness” which can cause people to rub their eyes and further irritate this sensitive area of your body.  Think, if you didn’t have to wear contacts or glasses, you could enjoy more of spring and the oncoming summer months and less of the annoying eye issues that come along with allergies, having to remove your contacts and wear your glasses because of irritation and inflammation. Commonwealth Eye Surgery can’t fix allergies (trust us, we WISH we could) but, we can fix your eye sight so that allergy season isn’t so aggravating!

Get your eyes Summer ready so you can enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family this year on a whole new level.  There’s so many reasons as to why you should schedule your consultation with Commonwealth Eye Surgery today to see if you qualify for Lasik.  Come see  us so you can find out when you can look forward to enjoying more of what you can see with 20/20 vision when there are more daylight hours in the day!