Go Green for Earth Day 2012!
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April 12, 2012
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April 24, 2012

Go Green for Earth Day 2012!

Earth Day is this coming Sunday.  Is there anything that you pledge to do differently to live “more green”?  At Commonwealth Eye Surgery we are ALL about going green, we want to encourage you to throw away those contacts (which can contribute to waste in landfills) and look at ways to not only go green by getting LASIK, but also to go green in your daily life.  So here is a small list of some of the thing Commonwealth Eye Surgery does at our offices and surgical center to reduce, reuse and recycle – where it is SAFE.

We encourage our patients who can now see 20/20 to NOT throw away their glasses, but recycle them by offering them to your nearest hope center or optometrist that performs charity work and can use your old glasses for someone who cannot afford their own pair.  It’s saving the earth and feeling really good about it at the same time!

At Commonwealth Eye Surgery, where we can, for internal purposes only, we try to print on BOTH sides of the paper.  WE save all those printed out emails for another day, then put in a stack in a special printer that has paper already used with printing on one side.  Two prints uses out of each ream of paper, think of HALVING your paper printing costs and also halving your paper waste.

Turning off lights when not in use.  We can’t complain about staying pretty busy at Commonwealth Eye Surgery, that means, lots of patients want to see us and we want to help them get LASIK or PRK or other eye surgery and improve their life, but that also means a lot of patient consult rooms stay lit.  So, when we can, we always try to turn off lights in between seeing patients in our individual consult suites.  Save our electricity bill, and saves bulbs.

These tips aren’t anything you haven’t heard before, but it can be the last straw that you needed in order to put these practices into reality in your home or office, we try to do these things when we can at Commonwealth Eye Surgery, and so should you.

Happy Earth Day 2012 and beyond!

Go Green with Commonwealth Eye Surgery in 2012!