What has Commonwealth Eye Surgery and LASIK got to do with Mt. Everest?
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April 18, 2012
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April 27, 2012

What has Commonwealth Eye Surgery and LASIK got to do with Mt. Everest?

Well, a LOT actually! Dr. Lance Ferguson was recently with the Wilderness Medical Society, serving as a base camp physician and providing excellent care and expertise at the various points along Mt. Everest. Not many accomplished eye surgeons can say they’ve “climbed Mt. Everest for their patients” but Dr. Ferguson certainly can!

Dr. Lance Ferguson and the team of trekkers on this Mt. Everest climb. ( Dr. F is fifth on the right in the blue shirt.)

When not performing LASIK surgeries at Commonwealth Eye Surgery in Lexington, Dr. Ferguson is always on the lookout for new technologies, procedures, and patient tools when it comes to giving his patients the best experience at Commonwealth Eyes. Feel free to read the various online journal entries here from the group that Dr. Ferguson traveled with during this adventure.

We are so proud of him here at Commonwealth Eyes and look forward to hearing all about this Mt. Everest trip and its successes! Eye surgery in Lexington is our specialty, but dabbling in a bit of Mt. Everest climbing, is CERTAINLY not on everyone’s everyday to do list!

Congrats Dr. Ferguson, and we look forward to sharing with all our patients and future patients a video documentary of this trip in the near future!