Our Patients say it best, they really, really do!
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April 24, 2012
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May 1, 2012

Our Patients say it best, they really, really do!

Dr. Lance Ferguson has performed over 71,500 ophthalmic procedures, but hey, who’s counting?  We are.  Because that means, that Dr. Ferguson is continuing to meet and exceed our patient’s and Central Kentucky standards, and for that matter, global standards, when it comes to Lasik, PRK and other eye surgeries.  See our recent article on becoming the FIRST in Central Kentucky with this new piece of technology for Cataract Surgeries!

We’ve had hundreds of reviews from previous patients posted all over the internet, Google, Facebook, Avvo, telling others considering lasik or other eye surgeries to see Commonwealth Eye Surgery for an excellent experience like their own.  We’ve had patients kind enough to take the time out of their own schedule to let us know of a job well done and it certainly makes it all well worth it for us, helping a patient see clearly and knowing that we give them a superior level of service, while doing so.  Click here to read our latest patient testimonials, like this one:

“The main reason I chose Commonwealth Eyes  and Dr. Ferguson was that he had a reputation as being the best at LASIK surgery.  I also, had a friend who had LASIK surgery with Dr. Ferguson several years ago and was very happy with the results.” – Mark

Please take the time to look at testimonials in our video library from local celebrities in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as other Doctors and optometrists.  Read reviews and testimonials not biased or edited or encouraged in anyway.  We have simply asked anyone that has walked through our doors:  Was your experience an excellent one with your Lasik (or other eye surgery) at Commonwealth Eye Surgery?  If it was, please let us know anonymously or not, how it was, so we can tell other considering Lasik or other eye surgery to consider us.  We appreciate everyone’s time it took to let us and everyone else know how their surgery went with Commonwealth Eye Surgery in Lexington, KY.  Commonwealth Eye Surgery is the first choice for Lasik in Lexington for so many, this article explains why it should be for yours, too.  Come see us today!

Dr. Lance Ferguson’s 5 star 10.0 SUPERB Rating from Avvo