How do you select the right doctor for your LASIK surgery?
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September 10, 2014
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How do you select the right doctor for your LASIK surgery?

Making the decision to have an elective procedure such as LASIK surgery can be a mix of emotions from excitement to anxiety. It is best to do your homework so you can be an informed patient.

LASIK surgeons vary with respect to experience, credentials, costs, and personality. For some patients, the decision of who to trust with their vision is easy. For others it is daunting and overwhelming. By utilizing the tips below you should be able to narrow the field to the surgeon and facility that is best for you.

First and foremost, ask someone you know and trust!

  • Family and friends
  • Your local eye doctor is a great resource
  • Facebook and other social media sites is a great avenue to find recommendations
  • Health care review websites
  • A medical professional
  • The state board

Second, check the doctors’ certification and credentials. Certifying bodies like American Board of Eye Surgeons has strict requirements for membership and are only granted after rigorous qualifications are met. Do the credentials of the doctor you are considering test cognitive knowledge as well as surgical skill?

Third, does the facility utilize the latest technology? The is an unbiased source to review clinical trials of different generational lasers. All lasers are not the same, find out what laser the facility you are considering utilizes. The surgeon should have excellent skill but the most up to date technology is equally as important?

Finally, your overall experience will tell you if the doctor and facility is right for you. From the first phone call to the consultation you should know whether or not the facility is a place you can trust. The staff should be courteous and knowledgeable, they should place a priority on a very thorough exam, clean equipment and answering all of your questions?

Here are some questions to consider asking during your visit.

  • How many procedures has the doctor performed?
  • What is the doctor’s rate of enhancement or “touch up” after the initial procedure?
  • What is the policy for enhancement, are there additional fees or limitations to when the enhancement needs to be performed?
  • Does the facility own or rent their laser?
  • What credential is the doctor most proud of?
  • What is the doctors’ complication rate?
  • What are some of the tests performed during the evaluation? Extensive testing should be standard to ensure your candidacy.
  • Does the doctor perform surgeries live in the city where your procedure will be done, or does he travel to multiple centers?
  • Does the center participate with vision insurance?
  • What financing plans are available?

The decision to have LASIK is a big decision. We hope you will feel secure in your decision and enjoy many years of happiness seeing your world more clearly.