Understanding Bioptics
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March 11, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Understanding Bioptics

Bioptics may sound like a futuristic term you’d see in a Hollywood movie but for individuals with cataracts, it’s an exciting technology that can help correct their vision and return their lives to normal. Bioptics is a combination of procedures: RL/Cataract Surgery and LASIK/PRK (or photorefractive keratectomy).

First, we perform the RL/Cataract procedure using our Catalys laser and follow up with the Technolas 217A Excimer laser to fine-tune your vision if necessary. This second step is only done after your eyes have had time to heal from the RL/Cataract surgery, which takes between 3-6 weeks.

Commonwealth Eye Surgery pioneered the Bioptics method in Kentucky after the FDA approved the use of the Excimer laser in 1997. Since then we’ve perfected our techniques and continue to offer our cataracts patients the best treatment options available in the Commonwealth area. The Catalys and Technolas lasers provide ultimate accuracy for those who elect this option but they aren’t the best for everyone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out if these procedures are right for you.