What to Eat for Healthy Eyes
How to care for your eyes after LASIK
April 1, 2013
Vision ICL LASIK Alternative
May 7, 2013

What to Eat for Healthy Eyes

Whether you’ve had LASIK or not, nutrition plays an important role in keeping your eyes healthy. Studies have revealed that getting foods rich in nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamins C and E may help prevent age-related vision problems like cataracts.

What’s more, eating a nutritious diet helps maintain a healthy weight, which lowers the risk for Type 2 Diabetes, which can lead to blindness or other eye conditions such as glaucoma.

So stock up on these ultra healthy foods to help keep your eyes healthy:

  • Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collards
  • Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish
  • Eggs, nuts, beans and other non-meat protein sources
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits